Restaurant owners know that sharing beautiful photo and video content to their social media will have a massive impact on their footfall, brand reputation, and revenue. Not only that but by collaborating with the best social media influencers, they can reach thousands of new potential customers by using influencers as ambassadors of your brand.

Gorgeous content makes you desirable

I will work with you to create stunning photo and video to share via your social media channels every month. I package it up neatly into folders; dated, optimised and beautifully edited – ready for you to view and approve before it is shared to the masses.

Most agencies do this the wrong way; charging you money to schedule tweets and posts, while you still have to provide them with the content – it’s backwards! Sure, posting to social media takes time, but that’s the easiest bit. The most important thing when using social media to attract new customers is sharing truly compelling content – beautiful photos and videos that makes people want to book a table as soon as they see them!

Honest content

I don’t use tons of expensive equipment and I don’t use props. I create honest, relatable ‘food porn’ content that people know is real and represents your brand. I create stunning and engaging photos and videos that make people want to bring their family and friends to eat and drink at your restaurant.

Social Proof

I have generated over 35,000 of my own social media followers and some of the most engaging food pages in Bristol by doing exactly this! And some of my best work has featured on BBC, ITV, Bristol TV, Ladbible, Pretty52, The Sun, Metro, Daily Mail and many other national publications.

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Harness the power of social influencers!

As part of this package, I will also source and manage the best social influencers to represent your business. Every one of them will be vetted to create great content and have at least 1000 followers on Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook. Taking this approach will significantly amplify your reach and increase your social following every single week!



  • 12 beautifully edited and optimised photos for all of your social channels every month (4pw)
  • 4 x 15-60-second videos: optimised for Instagram/Facebook Reels and timeline (1pw)
  • 8 x video/photos: optimised for the Instagram/Facebook stories (2pw)
  • 1 x 2-hour session every month to minimise disruption
  • Enough content to share 5 posts and 2 stories every week

Individual cost = £195pm


  • Never worry about forgetting to post to social media again
  • up to 30 days of beautiful content scheduled every month
  • plus 2 Instagram and Facebook stories posted every week
  • Scheduling includes Instagram, Facebook & Twitter

Individual cost = £120pm


  • I will organise 4 carefully selected social influencers to create content for your business every month (1pw)
  • Influencers will have a minimum of 1000 followers and will be vetted to ensure they produce quality content
  • Influencers will be required to share a minimum of 1 timeline post and 2 stories 
  • Estimated 12,000-20,000+ social media reach per month

Individual price = £195pm


Standard combined price: £510 per month


*£410 per month*

Requires a 3-month minimum commitment. First months payment due on delivery of the first content creation session.

Want to know more? Give me a call on 07387287849